11:30pm September 29, 2014

Horse & Nail - Rider Backpack

Bit on the pricey side for me, but I’m on the hunt for similar bags which would work with my aesthetic
- Gray

6:39pm September 29, 2014




As a gender variant fashion blogger, it can be really difficult to find great shoes. I wear a size US 11 and I can not find a pair of heels that fit, unless I am buying online. So in response to the thousands of questions I have received about my shoes, I give you this! A list of places where…

I don’t usually reblog things, but this seemed pretty useful since interesting boots seem to be more often targeted at women these days
- Gray

10:40pm August 5, 2014

Leatherdos - Mini Tools Hairclip

How to carry handy stuff without ruining your outfit or carrying a bag.
- Gray

11:19pm July 2, 2014


Now Available: The Ninja!

Become a master of espionage, sabotage, infiltration, and all other covert operations! Don the Ninja and join the ranks of this ancient and iconic class of spies. This breathable hoodie sports a single layer shell made of sweatshirt fleece and side panels that are made of stretch knit, allowing for a comfortable fit for any body type.  Hidden magnets line the hood’s partial mask and torso closure, enabling the swift cloaking expected of any ninja-inspired attire and hold together tightly even in situations involving rigorous movement.

It is ideal for breezy summer nights, fresh spring days, and as an under-layer during cooler months.

For more information on features, and to pre-order your Ninja today check out the product page:

Ninja Mask